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What is Mobile Car Washing?

A Mobile Car Wash, aka “maintenance wash” can be performed after we have initially done a full thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior. We’ll come to your location to provide the service. Often these car washes are done prior to installing a wax, sealant or ceramic coating.

How do you perform mobile car washes?

How do you perform Mobile Car Washes?

A mobile car wash / maintenance wash starts with the exterior being hand washed with our wash and wax soap followed by our contact wash. Following we dry the exterior with our super absorbent towels, then we proceed to vacuum the interior of the vehicle, we use an air compressor to blow out in between seats, carpets, mats, cup holders and etc. We do a full interior wipe down with our LVP (leather,vinyl and plastic) cleaner.

We clean up the door jambs of any dirt in between the doors; finishing that up we proceed to work on the windows inside and out and the top of the exterior with a Polymer coating for protection. To add the finishing touches we apply tire dressing and clean the rims.

How long does mobile car washing take?

How long does Mobile Car Washing take?

Our mobile car wash / maintenance wash takes roughly about 40-60 mins depending on the dirtyness and size of the vehicle.

Why do you need a mobile car wash?

Why do you need a Mobile Car Wash?

A mobile car wash / maintenance wash is needed to up keep your vehicles interior and exterior clean. This prolongs the original finish of your vehicles paint and interior. Keeping it well maintained will also help increase your vehicle’s re-sale value.

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Mobile Car Wash

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