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What is Automotive Window Tinting?

Automotive window tint is when a film is placed over the existing glass of the vehicle. This film helps reject heat and UV rays. This film can be applied to all the glass of the vehicle. This also helps add privacy.

Robert's automotive window tinting.

How do you perform Automotive Window Tinting?

 Automotive window tint is a process where you cut the film to fit the specific window on the vehicle. After the cutting process you proceed to clean the window prior to installation. After the cleaning process the film is finally installed on the inside of the window. Using a soap and water solution you spray the glass and film to move the film freely. Once film is set you can now squeegee the excess water off the film causing the film to stick to the glass.

How long does automotive window tinting take?

How long does Automotive Window Tinting take?

The window tint process can take anywhere from 2 – 4 hours depending on the make and model of the vehicle and also how many windows.

Why do you need automotive window tinting?

Why do you need Automotive Window Tinting?

Automotive window tint is helpful to protect you from UV and IR light coming from the sun. This helps using two different films, carbon and ceramic both which offer UV and IR rejection. Ceramic being the top of the line because of the better quality material and offers a higher UV and IR rejection.

Mobile Automotive Window Tinting
Professional Mobile Automotive Window Tinting

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