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Mobile Curb Rash Repair | Los Angeles

What is Curb Rash Repair?

Curb rash repair is when we repair a scratched rim that has been caused by curb damage. This will make the rim look noticeably less damaged.

How do you perform curb rash repair?

How do you perform Curb Rash Repair?

We use a high performance grinder with sandpaper and a compressor to level the damaged rims. Once it’s leveled we are ready to paint the freshly repaired rim. This might be repeated depending how many rims are damaged.

How long does curb rash repair take?

How long does Curb Rash Repair take?

The rim repair process can take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours depending on the seriousness of the damages.

Why do you need curb rash repair?

Why do you need Curb Rash Repair?

Curb rash repair can help the rims look brand new again. Customers with custom rims and exotic vehicles have a higher possibility of having it repaired to keep every rim looking uniformed.

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