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Mobile Clay Bar and Sealing | Los Angeles

What is Clay Bar and Sealing?

What is Clay Bar and Sealing?

A clay and sealant is is the process where contamination is removed from the vehicles exterior surface. Once the whole car is decontaminated you can now apply a paint sealant to protect the freshly clayed surface.

How do you perform Clay Bar and Sealing?

Using a clay bar or clay mitt. First we will rinse the vehicle down then proceed to the contact wash. Once the vehicle is fully washed we can foam the vehicle once more and proceed to use clay bar with a clay lubricant to keep the clay bar from marring the surface. The clay bar will pick up anything embedded on the vehicles surface.

Once the vehicle is fully clayed we are ready to apply a paint sealant that will bond directly on to the vehicles freshly decontaminated surface. Using a 6 month paint sealant with a microfiber sponge pad, we will apply it to the vehicles painted surface in a cool shaded area.

Once the sealant is applied we will give is a 5 minute curing time then proceed to buff off the sealant with a soft microfiber plush towel. You are now protected for 6 months.

How long does clay bar and sealing take?

How Long does Clay Bar and Sealing take?

It can take anywhere from two to three hours to fully clay bar a vehicle depending on it’s size.

Why do you need the clay bar and sealing?

Why do you need the Clay Bar and Sealing?

A clay bar and sealant is needed to protect the vehicles exterior finish. This will help extend the vehicles clear coat and keep the pristine shine. This will extend the life by preventing oxidation and clear coat failure from happening.

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