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Roberts Mobile Auto Detailing | Los Angeles

Meet Robert - Owner of Robert's Mobile Auto Detailing in Los Angeles.

My name is Robert with Roberts Automotive Detailing. I have been in the detailing industry for about 7 years. I started as a regular car washer not knowing anything about detailing. I invested the little money I had saved and purchased what would be my detailing equipment, from a basic pressure wash, vacuum and generator. Washing cars out of the back of my Jeep grand Cherokee to saving more money to finally owning a 99″ Chevrolet Astro to now owning my newly purchased Mercedes Metris. After watching different guys that had been detailing prior to me I studied and taught my self about more advance services, such as clay bar polish, waxing, interior shampoo & steam clean, ceramic coating and more. 

As I progressed through the years I slowly acquired some high end clientele with exotic vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and more. My love for detailing has kept me consistent and ambitious throughout my time as a detailer. I have also took the time to add window tint and PPF ( paint protection film) to our list of services. When clients reach out to me I always re assure them that they’re vehicles are in good hands. Every vehicle we handle I treat it as its my own. We look forward to one day having you as our client and giving us the opportunity to bring you a detailing experience.

You can also follow our Instagram @ Robert_details1 for reference on the vehicles we have serviced through our detail career. page:

Robert's Mobile auto Detailing Los Angeles
Mclaren Mobile Exotic Car Detailing Los Angeles
Lamborghini Mobile Exotic Car Detailing Los Angeles
Lamborghini Mobile Exotic Car Detailing Los Angeles
Lamborghini Mobile Exotic Car Detailing Los Angeles

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